HK Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings

HK Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings

(Note: Registration under this voluntary scheme is not regarded as having complied with the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance. With effect from 21 September 2012, the Ordinance has come into full operation. Please click here for the details of the Ordinance.)

Launched in October 1998 by the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, the Scheme serves to promote the application of the Building Energy Codes (BECs). The set of five codes cover lighting, air conditioning, electrical and lift & escalator installations, which stipulate the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) of these installations. Adoption of the BECs is at the discretion of the designer. Designers, architects, building developers, property management agencies etc. can submit relevant details of their building for assessment of compliance with the BEC. The Scheme requires the certification of these information by a Registered Professional Engineer (RPE) of relevant discipline under the Engineers Registration Ordinance. A registration certificate will be issued to a building that successfully meets the individual BEC standards. In addition, a registered building can also use the Scheme’s “Energy Efficient Building Logo” on related documents to publicize the achievement on energy efficiency. Up to July 2013, 3556 registration certificates were issued to 1556 building venues involving 3705 installations.

Starting in March 2007, an alternative certification path for energy-audited buildings with good energy performance is provided.

The Scheme and BEC documents can be downloaded at Publications webpage. Information of the registered buildings can be found at Energy Efficient Buildings Register webpage.

Prescriptive BEC

Four of the five BECs stipulate the MEPS on individual components and sub-systems of an installation, one code for each of the four types of installations, namely lighting installation, air conditioning installation, electrical installation and lift & escalator installation. These four BECs are of prescriptive nature and are often called the prescriptive BECs. These BECs were launched from 1998 to 2000.

Performance-based BEC

EMSD launched in April 2003 the fifth code – Performance-based Building Energy Code (BEC(PB)). The BEC(PB) focuses on a building’s total energy consumption as compared to the energy budget of a hypothetical building (a building meeting all the prescriptive code requirements), and the energy saving over the energy budget can be used as a trade-off for some of the requirements in the prescriptive codes. The BEC(PB) serves to provide compliance flexibility to energy efficient design and to encourage innovative design, such as the capture of daylight benefit, adoption of heat recovery and use of renewable energy. Computer simulation is required to calculate the building energy consumption. The simulation result also provides a breakdown of the energy consumptions for different design options, giving the designer a clear picture of the control parameters leading to energy efficiency.

Good Energy Performance

Existing buildings with good energy performance and energy-audited can be registered in the Registration Scheme upon meeting the following criteria:

  • annual electricity consumption exceeding 500,000kWh,
  • energy audit duly conducted in accordance with the ‘Guidelines on Energy Audit ‘ [PDF format (2.51MB)] published by EMSD and certified by the RPE, the Guidelines being available for download at Energy Management webpage,
  • category I Energy Management Opportunities (EMO) implemented and certified by the RPE,
  • energy Consumption Intensity within the top 50th percentile of the relevant ‘Energy Consumption Indicators and Benchmarks Indicators’ gauged using EMSD’s ‘Benchmarking Tool for Buildings’ available on the Internet at Energy Consumption Indicators and Benchmarks webpage and certified by the RPE.

Review of BECs and Registration Scheme

Review of the BECs and the Registration Scheme is carried out by EMSD from time to time. Please click here for the details. Attention is also brought to the addendum issued in August 2007 for the 2007 edition of the BEC (Lighting). A study on how to move forward the BECs and Registration Scheme was conducted in mid 2007, and a report was produced. The report was in preparation of the following proposal for the mandatory adopttion of the BEC .